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Air Conditioning Repair and Heating Service In Denham Springs, LA

Summers Comfort Heating & Air is here to help you beat the heat! We offer 24 hour ac repair in Denham Springs with a wide range of air conditioning and heating services to meet your needs. Let us help keep your family comfortable with total peace of mind!

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Searching for AC repair near me? Summers Air Conditioning & Heating LLC offers superior heating and air conditioner repair services to make your home run like a dream. Our expert knowledge and skills in heating, cooling, and indoor air conditioner repair will help you relax, improve HVAC efficiency, and sleep comfortably at home in Denham Springs and nearby.


Our team can help with any problem that you might be having with your AC service repairing, or installation system. Our team has decades of experience, and the skills and knowledge to diagnose problems and provide tailored solutions. We offer professional, affordable, fast, and transparent ac repairs.


Emergency repairs don’t have to be a nightmare. Call the Summers Air Conditioning & Heating LLC to ease the stress that a sudden crisis can cause your ac fix. Our HVAC technicians expert are always available and will arrive promptly at your Denham Springs home or nearby.


If you don’t have the right partner by your side, it can be tempting to put off the decision to replace your heating unit. Summers Air Conditioning & Heating LLC professionals are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, advice, and tools necessary to simplify the process and cost of replacing your heating system.


Attention homeowners in Central and surrounding areas! Do not lose sleep worrying about your heating and cooling ac fixing system. Join our free annual maintenance plan and you’ll never have to worry about your HVAC system again.


Denham Springs, and its surrounding communities, have their fair share of cold days and nights. There’s more than just eating Cajun food to stay warm. We are the team to call when temperatures drop inside your home.


Do you want to know how to make your home healthier in Walker or nearby cities? Clean air ducts! Our ductwork and cleaning service will keep your home’s indoor air fresh, your energy costs low and your HVAC system working smoothly 24 hours a day.


The right HVAC contractor is essential to ensure your indoor comfort. The phrase “HVAC contractors in Denham Springs LA”, is more than just a collection of words. It represents trust, comfort, and quality for residents. Local HVAC professionals are ready to meet your heating and cooling requirements. Searching for “Denham Springs HVAC Companies Near Me” or “HVAC Companies Denham Springs LA”, you will find a list of potential partners that can help make your home a comfortable haven. Summers Air Conditioning & Heating Is one of the best and most trusted local HVAC service companies in Denham Springs, LA.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that your HVAC system performs optimally and lasts as long as possible. By investing in periodic checks by searching “heating contractors Denham Springs LA”, or “AC installation contractor Denham Springs LA”, you are essentially extending your air conditioner’s lifespan, ensuring that it can perform efficiently, and minimizing any unexpected breakdowns.

3.5 ton rheem ac condenser installed in denham springs la

We offer promotional Financing Options with approved credit!

A new air conditioner can be expensive. You may not think you can afford one if you don’t have the cash to buy one outright.

We offer promotional financing options with approved credit.  This means that you can get the equipment you need now and pay for it over time.

Contact us today to learn more.

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We service all brands of Air conditioning Unit!

We service all makes and models, so no matter what brand of air conditioning or heating equipment you have, you can rely on us to keep your system up and running smoothly.

outside hvac unit summers air conditioning company denham springs louisiana
electrician doing services

Electrical services throughout Denham Springs, and the Surrounding area

Perform high-quality electrical work and our commitment to safety is never compromised.

We are your reliable source for all of your electrical maintenance requirements, both residential and commercial. Our electricians are always on time and will do their best to minimize downtime. We are committed to making sure your business runs smoothly and minimizing any interruptions that could affect your productivity.

Contact us to learn more.

Annual Service Agreement Plans

Keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly all summer long with a service agreement plan from Summers Air Conditioning. We'll perform regular maintenance and inspections to ensure your unit is working at its best.

Emergency Repairs and Service

Don't let a broken air conditioning unit ruin your day or week. Summers Air Conditioning offers emergency air conditioner repair service and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get back to living comfortably as soon as possible.

Electrical Component Testing/Replacement

Is your air conditioner not blowing cold air? It might be a problem with the electrical components. We can test replace and repair any electrical components that need fixing it to get your system up and running again.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventive maintenance plan from Summers Air Conditioning can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. We'll perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your air conditioning unit to keep it on top of an air conditioner.

Routine Service & Repairs

If your air conditioning unit needs a routine service or repair, don't hesitate to call Summers Air Conditioning. We offer comprehensive services for both residential and commercial HVAC units at a price you can afford.

System Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

If you're not sure what's wrong with your air conditioning unit, we can help. Summers Air Conditioning offers system diagnostics and troubleshooting to determine the root of the problem.

New Unit Installation

Don't suffer through another Louisiana summer without air conditioning. Summers Air Conditioning can install a brand-new air conditioning unit in your home or business in no time at a price you can afford.

Existing Unit Replacement

Is your current air conditioning unit on its last leg? Summers Air Conditioning can replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

Indoor/Outdoor HVAC Unit Cleaning

Keep your family, customers, and employees safe and comfortable with regular HVAC unit cleaning from Summers Air Conditioning. We can clean both indoor air conditioners and outdoor units to prevent mold, dust, and allergens.

Get a Free Consultation!

Need a new air conditioning unit installed, or have a question about our services? Contact Summers Air Conditioning today for a free quote. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the best solution for your needs.

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Maintenance and Servicing:

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. It’s advisable to have a professional service your AC system at least once a year to ensure it’s operating correctly and efficiently.

Educational Interaction:

Some local HVAC service providers offer advice and tips during service calls. Engage with the technicians and ask questions to understand better how your system works and how to maintain it. For instance, a customer mentioned receiving helpful tips and advice from a technician during a service call at Summers Air Conditioning & Heating LLC.

Emergency Services:

Having a reliable HVAC service provider who offers emergency services can be reassuring. Knowing that help is available 24/7 in case of a sudden breakdown can enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Annual Service Agreement Plans:

Consider enrolling in annual service agreement plans offered by local HVAC companies. These plans typically include regular maintenance checks and may also offer discounts on repairs.

Indoor Air Quality:

Ensuring good indoor air quality is essential for a comfortable living environment. Engage with local and local HVAC contractors, technicians, and service providers to learn about and possibly invest in air purification systems and regular duct cleaning services.

Community Engagement:

Look for local HVAC contractors and service providers who are active in the Denham Springs community. Engaging with locally owned and operated businesses can contribute to a more personalized customer experience.

Online Reviews and Testimonials:

Checking online reviews and testimonials can provide insight into the quality of service provided by local HVAC companies. It can also be a platform for you to share your experiences and engage with other customers in the Denham Springs area.

Energy Efficiency Consultation:

Seek consultation on energy efficiency from HVAC professionals to understand how to optimize your air conditioning system for lower energy bills and better performance.

These tips are geared towards ensuring that home air conditioning users in Denham Springs, LA, have a positive and engaging experience with their HVAC systems and service providers.

    Danny S.
    Danny S.

    Denham Springs, LA

    Mr. Summers is professional, first-class, and very honest. I highly recommend you contact him for all of your heating and air needs!

      J N
      J N

      Denham Springs, LA

      Daniel was very professional and honest. Highly recommend!

        Clay Clay
        Clay Clay

        Walker, LA

        Daniel is very professional and provides quality services at great pricing. Highly Recommend his AC services!

          Cindy Schexnaydre
          Cindy Schexnaydre

          Baton Rouge, LA

          Daniel is very professional and provides a high-quality HVAC repair service. He is very trustworthy and one of the most honest people I have met. I highly recommend his services to all my friends and family.

          Frequently Asked Question’s

          Common issues in Denham Springs include refrigerant leaks, clogged filters, and thermostat problems. Our service can quickly diagnose and repair these issues, ensuring efficient cooling.

          HVAC systems should be inspected at least annually. Regular maintenance helps improve efficiency, reduces energy bills, and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

          We offer 24/7 emergency services in Denham Springs. Our dedicated team is always ready to respond swiftly to help customers beat the heat.

          Upgrading to an energy-efficient system can lead to lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, and better indoor comfort, especially during the hot Louisiana summers

          Our technicians are well-equipped and experienced to handle heating repairs efficiently. We prioritize safety, comfort, and quick solutions, even in the chilliest Louisiana winters.

          In Denham Springs, you’ll find various heating systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. We specialize in repairing and maintaining all these systems for your convenience.

          We provide indoor air quality solutions, such as air purifiers and dehumidifiers, to combat the high humidity in Denham Springs and ensure cleaner, more comfortable air indoors.

          Regularly change air filters, schedule annual maintenance, and be mindful of unusual sounds or smells from your HVAC system. Early detection can prevent major issues.

          We invest in ongoing training and certifications for our technicians and stay updated on the latest industry advancements to offer the best solutions to our customers.

          We offer warranties on parts and labor for repairs and installations. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our customers in Denham Springs, ensuring their satisfaction.

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          Denham Springs is a city in the United States.  Denham Springs is located in the county of Livingston Parish and the state of Louisiana, in the southeastern part of the country, 1,600 km southwest of the capital city of Washington, DC. Denham Springs is located 13 meters above sea level and has 10,215 inhabitants. 

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          Welcome to Summers Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, the premier HVAC service provider serving Denham Springs, LA, and surrounding areas. With years of industry experience, we are committed to delivering exceptional heating, cooling, and indoor air quality solutions for residential and commercial clients and businesses, alike.

          If you require reliable HVAC services in any of these areas, Summers Air Conditioning and Heating LLC is your go-to provider.

          To schedule an appointment or inquire further about our services, please call us today. Trust Summers Air Conditioning and Heating LLC to provide top-quality HVAC solutions for your home or business. Experience unparalleled comfort and air quality with our exceptional services.

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          We’ll offer you tips and advice on how to keep your system running smoothly, and how to save money on your energy bills.

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